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More English Fairy Tales

More Englisch Fairy TalesMore English English Fairy Tales is a further delightful and unabridged collection of English fairy tales. These original tales have been collected by Joseph Jacobs (1854-1916). This book includes a commentary by Joseph Jacobs.

Titles in this collection:
The Pied Piper of Franchville, Hereafterthis, The Golden Ball, My Own Self, The Black Bull of Norroway, Yallery Brown, Three Feathers, Sir Gammer Vans, Tom Hickathrift, The Hedley Kow, Gobborn Seer, Lawkamercyme, Tattercoats, The Wee Bannock, Johnny Gloke, Coat O’ Clay, The Three Cows, The Blinded Giant, Scrapefoot, The Pedlar of Swaffham, The Old Witch, The Three Wishes, The Buried Moon, A Son of Adam, The Children in the Wood, The Hobyahs, The King of England and his Three Sons, King John and the Abbot of Canterbury, Rushen Coatie, The King O’ the Cats, Tamlane, The Stars in the Sky, News!, Puddock, Mousie and Ratton, The Little Bull-Calf, The Wee, Wee Mannie, Habetrot and Scantlie Mab, Old Mother Wiggle-Waggle, Catskin, Stupid’s Cries, The Lambton Worm, The Wise Men of Gotham, The Princess of Canterbury, Notes and References.

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