About Fairy Tale Books

Welcome to Fairy Tale Books

My family and I have always been interested in fairy tales. I grew up with fairy tales and as soon as I had children of my own, I started reading fairy tales to them.

Some years ago, we lived in the mountains in Grison, a region in Switzerland. This area has a rich heritage of fairy and folk tales. At that time I discovered the fairy tales of this region. But in my family we also enjoy reading fairy tales from Poland, Russia, Japan, England – and there are many more to discover!

On this website you can find fairy tales from all over the world. Our books contain no illustrations and that has a reason: We believe the best pictures come from one’s very own imagination. And they always fit just right.

Reading fairy tales to your family or to yourself is a good way to spend time.

Fairy tales contain a lot of symbolic language and wisdom, and they are entertaining.

We hope you enjoy our fairy tale books!

Bernice at Jan Webmedia